Assignment #7 First Chapter

Once upon a time, there was a town that had only kids in it.  It was ran by the kids and they called it Funville.  In it there was a brownie shop, a clothing shop, a candy shop, and lots of other shops.  There was a building in the middle of the town called City Hall, and there was also a big house with lots of soft beds and soft pillows for all the town’s kids to sleep on.  There was a  Mayor in the town called Teenie.  Teenie is a nice mayor, but she has a problem.  She can not get her sheriff to get up and work, he just sits there and chews gum.  Sheriff Steve never bathes, is always covered in dirt, and doesn’t brush his teeth.  He is so stinky that he makes his food go bad.  One day the mayor came to the jail and found him sleeping on the job.  Since he did not care about the town, Mayor Teenie fired him.

She was kind of sad that her town did not have a sheriff to help out.  She called all the kids to City Hall to choose a new sheriff.  She tries to figure out who she’s going to pick.  A lot of people were raising their hands, but Mayor Teenie knows who to pic because she knows who has a good heart.  She picks Sheriff Brandon.  Sheriff Brandon doesn’t talk very much sometimes, but he has a big smile on his face because he always wanted to be a sheriff.  The Mayor gives him a horse, but tells him to be very careful because he is a special horses.  Brandon gives the Mayor a thumbs up and another smiley face.  He loves horses and he names his new horse Spot.

The mayor says that’s a really good name, and asks if sheriff Brandon can help with a problem they’ve been having.


Assignment #6 Outline

Book: Brandon Becomes a sheriff.

1. The mayor fires his old sheriff. (he’s lazy, doesn’t care about the town, he doesn’t bathe.)

2. The mayor picks a new sheriff. (calls a town meeting, picks Brandon, Brandon is happy, She gives him Spot the horse)

3. Brandon looks for clues. (finds gum wrappers, finds a hole in the ceiling, sees an ABC gum trail)

4. He follows the gum trail. (Spot keeps chewing the gum, it leads to their hideout, Brandon plans how to catch the bad guys)

5. Brandon catches the gum gobblers (He sneaks up on them, tricks them into coming out, he handcuffs them together, and takes them back to town)

Assignment #5 Photographic insparation

Book Series: Sherif Brandon Stories

Book 1: Brandon Becomes a Sherif

Brandon is new to town.  The Mayor asks him to help arrest the Gum Goblers.  Will the new Sherif be able to catch them in time, or will he have to tell the Mayor he can’t.

Book 2: The Search for the Pesky Popper

Someone is popping the town’s balloons and bouncy houses.  What should Sherif Brandon do? Will he find them with the help of his new Deputy?

Book 3: Erica the Shy Cowgirl

Brandon meets a new friend. She is a little shy. Can Brandon make her feel better? Will she stay or will she move on?

Book 4: Bucking Buckaroo

A horse is breaking stuff all over town.  Deputy Gabe gets bucked trying to calm it. Can Brandon and Erica stop the horse while Gabe gets better?